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Discover a Timeless Tale:

It is time to embark your children on a thrilling literary escapade with this children’s fiction book, ‘Crazy Dog and the Wolf’ by Dorothy Eckhart Smith. It is a timeless tale that will keep your children hooked to the story until the end.

The story will take your children into another world where they will meet a young boy named Dog who escapes into a world without big buildings or pet cats. The villagers faced an immense challenge of creating everything they needed, so Dog befriended a wolf cub and named him Puppy. The villagers named Puppy ‘Dog’, and soon they realized they befriended a wolf could bring them many benefits.

Experience a world of excitement and wonder with ‘Crazy Dog and the Wolf’ by Dorothy Eckhart Smith.

Unbreakable Bonds:

Dorothy Eckhart Smith has beautifully illustrated the unbreakable bond between a young boy named Dog and his loyal companion, Puppy. The profound friendship between Dog and the Puppy becomes a testament to the enduring power of connection. The bond helps the readers understand how empathy and trust unite to create a bon that not only enriches their lives but also enables them to become invaluable assets to their community.

The readers will cherish the bonding between Dog and Puppy as it serves as a reminder of the strength that emanates from genuine camaraderie. Enjoy a treasure and timeless read as Puppy transforms from a wild companion into a loyal companion, earning himself the name ‘dog’ in the process.

About The Book

This is the story of a little boy and his adventures, before people lived in houses or had animals for pets. If people needed anything, they could not go to the store, but had to figure out how to make things for themselves. Dog befriended a wolf cub, who became a beloved companion the villagers who then called it a DOG! Dog’s village was uncertain at first about the wisdom of taming a wolf, but as Puppy grew in love for his master, he was tame and able to help them in many ways! If Dog and a modern young boy were to meet, they could have found it easy to play with one another. As long as true man has walked the earth, people have been curious and imaginative.

A World of Possibilities:

‘Crazy Dog and the Wolf’ by Dorothy Eckhart Smith unfolds a world of possibilities where the boundaries of imagination are stretched beyond measure. Children will be set on an enchanting journey as they are transported into a time of boundless potential where a village’s resourcefulness knows no bounds. The unlikely bonding between a young boy and a wolf cub serves as a symbol of the extraordinary connections where the most impossible can become possible.

A young boy named ‘Dog’ embarks on an extraordinary adventure in a world devoid of houses and domesticated animals, igniting a spark of curiosity. This captivating read also encourages the readers to envision a universe full of wonder and endless discovery.

Empathy in Action:

As you delve deeper into this compelling narrative, ‘Crazy Dog and the Wolf,’ you will witness a unique bond between a young boy and a wolf cub, a bond that goes beyond words. The readers will witness how empathy and trust blend together like colors on a canvas creating a masterpiece of friendship.

The story is a reminder that when we truly understand and believe in each other, we can achieve remarkable things. Just like a magical spell, ‘Crazy Dog and the Wolf’ reveals the extraordinary power that comes alive when empathy and trust join hands, lighting up a path toward compassion and togetherness in our world.

About The Author

Born in New York City, and raised in Seattle, WA, author Dorothy Eckhart Smith was given a book about prehistoric people while in second grade. She became fascinated about early humans and read everything she could find about them. As a young woman in the 1930’s, she wrote and illustrated Crazy Dog and the Wolf.
A woman of varied interests and imagination, Dorothy continued to develop her artistic skills. She was the lead colorist for the photography department of Fredrick Nelson, a Marshall Field’s subsidiary in Seattle,
Dorothy wrote and illustrated Crazy Dog as a story for her young brother, who dearly loved his white collie dog

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Timeless Lessons for Young Minds:

Dorothy Eckhart Smith will take you into a world where adventure and invaluable life lessons intertwine. This is not just a fiction story, child but a treasure full of life-changing lessons. As young readers immerse in this tale, they not only enjoy this thrilling escape but also learn its values. Through the heartwarming bond between Dog and Puppy, children will learn the importance of love, friendship, and acceptance.

The story serves as a guiding lantern, setting the path toward understanding and compassion, reminding children of the bonds that make our life special.

Bridging the Gap: Nature, People, and Animals:

In this technology-driven world, stories like ‘Crazy Dog and the Wolf,’ gives you an opportunity to step away from screens and immerse in the world around them. As the story unfolds, a vibrant tapestry of connections takes steps – connection with nature, peers, and animals.

This journey becomes a beacon in our modernized world, fostering a sense of unity and also igniting the spark of problem-solving. Through the experiences of friendship between Dog and Puppy, readers will remember the bonds we can create with the world and its inhabitants are the cornerstones of resilience, empathy and collaborative spirit that is needed to thrive in our modern world.

Through the experiences of Dog and Puppy, readers are reminded that the bonds we form with the world and its inhabitants are the cornerstones of empathy, resilience, and the collaborative spirit needed to thrive in our modern landscape.

Imagination Unleashed:

You can experience the magic of storytelling with authors’ exceptional skills. ‘Crazy Dog and the Wolf’ is a testament to the author’s passion for history and a treasured tale enchanting generations. The captivating illustrations will transport the readers into the thrilling lives of early humans and enjoy timeless life lessons as well.


‘Crazy Dog and the Wolf’ by Dorothy Eckhart Smith is a captivating children’s fiction book that will take your children into another world. It helps the readers understand a world before modern conveniences, highlighting friendship, creativity, and the extraordinary bond between a young boy named Dog and a wolf cub named Puppy.

The protagonist is a young man named Dog, who sets on an adventure in a world without big buildings or pet cats. He experiences an invaluable bond of friendship with a wolf cub named Puppy. Their heartwarming story unfolds Puppy’s transformation from a wild creature into a loyal companion.

The story highlights the power of friendship, trust, and caring for one another. The readers can witness the incredible things that can happen when people rely on each other and work together through Dog and Puppy’s experiences.

The author Dorothy Eckhart Smith has an immense passion for writing, and her love for history is reflected within the book. Her fascination with ancient times, combined with her love for storytelling, led her to create this timeless read, ‘Crazy Dog and the Wolf.’

This amazing read, ‘Crazy Dog and the Wolf’ by Dorothy Eckhart Smith, is available on the website and Amazon.

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